Galva Coat

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Galva Coat

Galva Coat for Galvanizing and Lighting Poles was established in 1995 in Abu Dhabi, UAE in order to meet the increasing demands for steel products to carry out the infrastructure projects such as road construction and the extension of electricity grids and communication networks.

Over 25 years, Galva Coat has been able to excel in steel production in terms of quality and quantity through the extensive and sustainable use of machines and the latest technology in the world, which are operated by highly a qualified administrative and technical staff to produce:

  • Lighting poles of different shapes and uses.
  •   Traffic poles, railway shelters and billboard masts.
  •   Poles and towers used for the high voltage electric power transmission lines and communication networks.
  •   Metal installations such as the sheds of factories and warehouses.
  •  Cable management and distribution systems and its accessories.

Galva Coat has been recognized with the most prestigious national awards in UAE for pioneering the steel industry, manufacturing products at a high quality, implementing the highest standards of safety and security and for being committed to the environmental international standards. 

Through its products, Galva Coat has been able to obtain different certificates of conformity to international quality and standards, which made it accredited with the most important projects locally, regionally and at the global level.

Its share of the local market is up to 65%, which includes the projects of the governmental and semi-governmental sector and private projects.

One of its most important clients are Abu Dhabi Municipality and the Department of Transport and Support.
Galva Coat has also an important share in the Saudi, the Gulf and the international local markets with a list of the leading clients, including the Saudi Electricity Company SECO and the indian company (M/s. Bajaj)